Bradda Printing Services and the Canadian Government

Bradda Printing Services Inc. has been providing both digital and offset printing to the Canadian government since we opened our doors in 1978.  We provide printing services to most major government departments through the more traditional quoting process as well as under supply arrangements.

Bradda Printing Services Inc. is familiar with the Canadian Government printing standards and guidelines. At Bradda Printing Services Inc. we work with these standards on an ongoing basis for all of all our government customers.  We also use them as a benchmark for our own internal quality standards for every project we complete for our customers.  We have the length of time in business and the expertise in our staff to execute these standards and the commitment to excellence to make them our own.

Supply Arrangements

Supply Arrangements are non-binding agreements between PWGSC and other government departments (arranged on their behalf by PWGSC) and suppliers to provide a range of goods and services on an “as requested” basis. A Supply Arrangement is a list of qualified suppliers identified as potential sources from which government departments can obtain firm price quotations on specific requirements. Supply Arrangements include a set of predetermined terms and conditions that will apply to any subsequent contracts.

Bradda Printing Services Inc. Supply Arrangements:

EN578-121812/002/CW Printing Services

EN578-133229/003/CW Printing of Envelopes

ET959-130297/005/WPG Sheet Fed Printing

ET959-123078/003/WPG Security Printing




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