Environmental Practices

Bradda Printing Services Inc. has worked over the years to incorporate materials, processes and equipment that lessen the negative impact on the environment, including the use of environmentally friendly inks, chemicals, coatings, and papers and the recycling of all off-cuts and waste.  We also encourage our customers to use environmentally friendly paper and we support the responsible management of forests, in particular through our certification by the Forest Stewardship Council® which enables us to provide FSC® products to our customers.

Bradda Printing Services Inc. uses only vegetable based inks in our offset print production environment. We reclaim and recycle all inks left over in the printing process for use on future projects. We also buy premixed inks to reduce waste and unnecessary disposal back into the environment. We use vegetable based varnishes, adhesives and coatings, all of which we recycle. Environmentally friendly chemistry is used on our printing presses and in our prepress department.  Bradda Printing Services Inc. has reclaiming programs in place, using environmental containers at each production workstation; this reduces the risk of spillage and the need for large onsite storage areas. Safety cabinets in designated areas of the plant provide safe storage of hazardous materials.  Pre-scheduled pickups of waste materials by suppliers provide regular weekly, bi-weekly and monthly removal of waste as required. A weekly recycling program for shop towels with our linen supplier reduces environmental waste of this product.  A blue bin program is used for all paper waste in each area of the print shop, with twice-weekly pickup and disposal. End cuts are recycled and re-used in other jobs whenever possible. Wooden skids are returned to our paper suppliers while non-recyclable waste, such as press waste, chemistry, waste ink, imaging chemicals, metal plates, scrap plastic, metal binding materials and binding adhesives are removed from our site on a regular basis.   Bradda Printing Services Inc. also returns used toner and ink cartridges back to the original equipment supplier for recycling. We dispose of regular garbage in a trash compactor and all cardboard and scrap packaging is put into an onsite recycling container which is removed weekly.  All staff is trained in the safe and most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of our waste.

greenBradda Printing Services Inc. uses only digital equipment that is environmentally friendly.  All equipment is Energy Star compliant to reduce the use of power. Our digital printing copying equipment meets Environmental Choice Program (ECP) standards for ambient dust and ozone concentration.  All digital copiers are set to enter stand-by mode after one hour if not in use.  As well, all non-automated equipment is only turned on when required and turned off when not in use. All digital copiers and non-automated equipment is CSA approved. Bradda Printing Services Inc. is on a continual program to upgrade equipment to more energy saving and environmentally friendly systems.  By keeping all of our digital equipment properly maintained  under manufacturers’ service contracts we reduce waste, excess energy and improve overall environmental performance. We ensure all of our computer equipment is energy compliant, environmentally friendly, and set to operating standards that reduce the use of power when not needed.